Non-Nuclear Dense Medium Controller


A non-nuclear density meter for the measurement of slurries containing magnetic particles. Ideal for the density measurement of magnetite or ferro-silicon slurries as utilised in coal, iron ore, chrome and diamond Dense Medium Separation plants.


  • Non-nuclear density measurement device
  • Suitable for Magnetite, Milled FeSi and Atomised FeSi slurry applications
  • Density measurement independent of flow rate
  • Non-contact
  • No moving parts
  • Non-obtrusive to flow – no pressure drop
  • Temperature stabilised
  • Standard analog and various fieldbus output options
  • No maintenance – no periodic cleaning required
  • In-field, one point recalibration – no process adjustment or shutdown required
  • ON-OFF and PID output control to achieve desired density
  • Full density range 1.00 – 4.50 S.G. (Medium specific)
  • Accuracy of 0.01 S.G